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Spirit the Calf

Greetings beautiful people!  Here is the story of Spirit - a beautiful little week old calf rescued from a local dairy.  I was blessed to be a part of this bittersweet rescue.

You can help Spirit and all of the animals at Sugarshine Farm by donating or volunteering.
Spirit's fate was to be killed for meat/beef.  He is a boy, born to a mum who is a cow used for milk and the dairy industry.  My dear friend Lisa had recently rescued 2 calves - one female and one male (another story) and taken them to Sugarshine Farm - a sanctuary near Lismore, Northern NSW, Australia.  Spirit was the third calf she had rescued in a few weeks and asked me to come and help her load Spirit in to her horse trailer and drive him to the sanctuary and help him settle in.
I had never handled a calf before - usually a Mumma cow keeps her calf close and protects it. We arrived to the dairy and there was little Spirit - just a week old and separated from his mumma.  Lying on cold concrete floor - looking sad a…

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